About PianoVids.com

Pianovids.com is all about playing pop piano. With high-quality tutorial videos, it is easy to learn how to play your favorite songs.

Traditionally, playing piano is teached in a classical way. You have to learn how to read sheet music and probably “fur Elise” is one of your first learned songs. This is very time consuming and yet more important, it’s boring!

Learning how to play your favorite pop songs is much more fun than playing Beethoven, Mozart or Bach, which were cool in the 18th century.

Since the lack of accurate and easy to follow, high quality piano tutorials, I started Pianovids.com. My ultimate goal is to create lessons that can be learned by anyone, even if you’ve never touched a keyboard or piano.

Knowing some of the most basic chords and a little bit of creativity, you can literally play thousands of pop songs. For example, here is how you can play 13 pop songs with 4 chords.

So if you can’t read sheet music, like pop music and want to learn how to play piano the easy way… Pianovids.com is just for you!